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Recognition and assistance received across the Boarders

Kottayam Public Library repeatedly received the patronage of Tamil Nadu Government as when Late Dr.K. Kalimuthu the Hon: Speaker of Tamil Nadu Assembly made a second goodwill visit to the Library with his family in 2005. This visit was in remembrance of his earlier visit 23 years back when he was a minister and came as a speaker in our Centenary Celebrations in 1982. Then he was impressed by the excellence of the Library and had presented portraits of Thiruvalluvar and SubramaniaBharati which occupy pride of place in our Gallery. But during the 2005 visit after seeing around the Library he had invited our President Abraham Itticheria to visit him in his office at Fort St. George in Chennai.


After a reception and showing him around the Tamil Nadu Assembly Chamber, 1000 books were given to him as a gift to Kottayam Public Library. The handing over was done ceremonially with full media coverage. Such great recognition coming across the borders of Kerala from the Speaker of Tamil Nadu Assembly is most unique and a goodwill gesture never experienced by any other Library in our State.


A similar help came in 2014 from the great columnist and writer Mr. T J S George Bangalore who was met by the President on a friendly visit to his residence. Having heard about the phenomenal growth of Kottayam Public Library he volunteered with a Donation of over 500 Books from his personal collection. As could be expected the English and Malayalam Books in the collection revealed the splendid taste of the Donor.