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Lending books is only one of the several activities of the Library for the readers and Public at large. We could confidently say that the Library which had seen 3 centuries during its glorious march through the columns of history, has diversified its range of activity as no Library in Kerala could do. We could add on innumerable programmes of diverse nature by providing recreational and health-oriented facilities for the citizens of Kottayam and neighbourhood. The Zumba Dance Academy for Women, Music Club to promote talent in singers, Yoga classes for conditioning of the mind and care for the body. Prakrity Jeevana Samathy and Readers Forum are promoted by the Library attracting different segments in society. No other Library in Kerala has such diversification in activities, serving the community in several spheres of Human Life. It is this wide spectrum of activity that differentiates it from other Libraries in the State. With unflinching devotion we ensured that the noble trajectory set by the founding fathers and the great leaders who presided doing the last 137 years are not deviated or diluted. A list of the diversified activities initiated by the Library is listed below.

The K.P.L Music Club

The KPL Music Club of the Library with a well-equipped orchestra and qualified musicians conduct musical evenings every Saturday for the Music Lovers of Kottayam who attend in large numbers as Singers and Listeners. Special programmes are held periodically in remembrance of Great Singers, Composers and Poets of Kerala. On an average 50 Members attend for the last eleven years.

Zumba Dance Academy

The dance academy was started in 2016 January by two enterprising ladies Dr. Shiny Antony, a Dentist by Profession and Smt. SivaniJain from Meerut. The attendance has swelled to 60 and includes House Wives, Doctors, College Lecturers, Business promoters and College Students. Zumba is a vibrant dance form set to Jaaz Music. The stress and tension in day to day life are thrown out from the mind and body through the high voltage body movements. Laughing continuously during the dance is a unique feature exemplifying the saying “Laughter is the best medicine”.

The Readers Forum

The Kerala PadhanaKendram an exclusive centre focusing on Special Studies of Kerala is functioning in the Library with all available Books and data on Kerala. Finance Minister Dr. Thomas Issac, former Vice Chancellor Dr. RajanGurukkal and Several leading literary men and Scholars from different fields have openly vouched the utility of our Kerala PadhanaKendram through their personal experience and as beneficiaries.

The PrakritiJeevanaSamithy, Friends of the Trees and Music Academy

The PrakrithiJeevanaSamithy meetings held on 1st Sunday of every month promotes living with nature, and awareness for wellness through vegetarian food and naturopathy is imparted by experts in the line. Programs of the Friends of the Trees our Ecology wing, the Music Academy where training to all age groups in Music both vocal and instrumental are given, are other areas where great services are rendered to the community by Kottayam Public Library.