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Will Public Library be extinct? Importance of Public Library Today!

Do you remember the films in the 1980s-2000s where the hero of the film waits for the heroine on her way to the public library? Yes, having a library membership was a pop culture one time. As time went by, discoveries and innovations made people’s life easier and effortless.

Today almost everything is available in front of us, just in our smartphones, tablets and other gadgets. Even you can make your own personal library on these devices. You can find any book from any part of the world, read it at your own convenient time and do not need to store it in your drawers and cupboards.

If so, then can you guess why we say to you to be a member of the public library today? There are lots of reasons that can turn favorable for you to visit the public library. Here they are

There is nothing like reading a good book!

Remember the time when you buy a new book! What is the first thing you will do- just smell it! The smell that makes your mind happy. The Public Library is just a place where plenty of books are there with new books added frequently. Kottayam Public Library has around 1,50,000 books and more. A lifetime wouldn’t be enough to smell all the books here. Similarly, the feeling of keeping the book, turning the pages, keeping bookmarks and more cannot be the same in a digital application.

A healthy habit!

How much time do you spend in front of electronic gadgets? Do you know the light from these devices are harmful to your eyes as the time of use is more? And not to forget about the radiation coming from these devices due to its overuse which is harmful to kids and adults. Whereas, reading a book from the library can make your health better. You will feel refreshed in a library. You will feel excited for the day to visit your library which further makes your mind healthy. Also, it gives leisure time in your daily life filled with pressure and stress. Kottayam Public Library gives you a great healthy atmosphere with 3-storied building and ground space of 2500 sq ft.

Personal Space!

It’s wonderful to see how our local towns and nearby cities develop. But with this development, the one thing we can’t tolerate is the noise of traffic. If you are trying to concentrate on your books and the noises from the traffic, TVs, and people around come disturbing you, you no more can’t concentrate on your book. Public Libraries gives you a lot of space and privacy to make and develop yourself. Kottayam Public Library, even though is situated in the center of the city, keeps all the noises away. There is a large Public Reading Room which started to function from 1882. There is no peaceful place in Kottayam than our Public Reading Room.

Socialising & Interactions

To an extent, the digital age has made us and our younger generation limit our interactions with the neighborhood and society. When was the last time you got a new connection from your neighborhood? In a library, you will get to know people of different and like interests, know the real review of a book, discuss new ideas and make a small coffee debate on books and events near you. Kottayam Public library has around 4000+ members. All of them coming from different social profiles. There are even chances that they could help you grow in your career.

Knowing Local events & programs

In extension to the early point, being an active member helps you to stay updated in your locality and know people around. You might have chances to participate in events, workshops, campaigns and a lot more. Each event is an opportunity to discover the real development that happens with you. Being a member of Kottayam Public Library gives you a chance to know the updates of Kerala’s educated district- Kottayam.

Kottayam Public Library is Kerala’s second-largest library which is 137 years old. Founded by T Rama Rao in 1882, Kottayam Public Library is a landmark for the land of Kottayam today!